The Most Expensive Wedding Ring In The World

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One special day for lovers is a wedding. The marriage became the most important day for their families as well, because the spouse will be a partner for the rest of their lives, the ritual is often done on a wedding ring is the grant from the groom to the bride.

Best Wedding Ring Stores
Best Wedding Ring Stores

Wedding ring is an object which is mandatory for some people that must be worn by married couples, the wedding rings are generally made from metal gold and diamonds are shaped in such a way that it seems looks beautiful and gorgeous.

My fiance’s ring is the symbol of a man given to apply for his partner. Diamond stone ring with fiance nor any other gem with a large size could certainly make the prices more expensive. Well, here’s the 10 celebrities and world figures who have the most expensive fiance ring.

1. Elizabeth Taylor – Richard Burton
The most expensive engagement rings in the world owned by the United Kingdom, actress Elizabeth Taylor. Rings with diamonds 33.19 rust has a price of 8.8 million u.s. dollars. The price is very expensive not to a fiance ring.

2. Beyonce – Jay Z
Flavor of love Jay Z on Beyonce’s priceless by anything. To Jay Z Beyonce ring gifted the fiance for 5 million u.s. dollars. The 18 carat diamond ring into ring of the second most expensive in the world.

3. Paris Hilton – Paris Latsis
The most expensive fiance ring to the three occupied by Paris Hilton. Her fiancé, ex Paris Latsis gave her fiance ring 24-karat white gold with diamonds for 4.7 million u.s. dollars.

4. Grace Kelly – Prince Rainier
III of Monaco Ranked fourth most expensive ring with fiance is a pair of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco. The diamond ring enthroned fiance for $4.06 million u.s. dollars.

5. Jennifer Lopez – Marc Anthony
In fifth place is no Hollywood celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony who has a fiance ring diamonds 8.5 carat. Ring the fiance priced at a price of 4 million u.s. dollars.

6. Melania Knauss – Donald Trump
Other world couples who have the most expensive fiance ring is Melania Knauss and Donald Trump with the diamond 15 Carat emerald pieces that have tied with platinum ring made in the House of Graff in London. The fiance ring valued at 3 million u.s. dollars.

7. Jacqueline Onassis – Aristotle Onassis
When engaged with her second husband, Aristotle Onassis, i.e. Jacquueline using a 40.42 carat diamond ring and diamond is one of the 16 largest diamond piece found in South Africa. The fiancee’s ring with diamonds valued 2.6 million u.s. dollars.

8. Catherine Zeta Jones – Michael Douglas
This Hollywood couples ranked eight with fiance ring worth 2.5 million u.s. dollars. The fiance’s ring bertahtakan diamond 10 Carat marquise-shaped. Vintage-style ring the fiance has 28 stones into small diamonds surrounding a large diamond stone.

9. Anna Kournikova – Enrique Iglesias
Occupying the position to the nine with the most expensive fiancé ring is the world celebrity couple Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias. The fiance’s ring with pink diamond and Pear piece weighs 11 carats. Ring fiance is priced at 2.5 million US dollars.

10. Prince William – Kate Middleton
On the tenth most expensive fiance ring, it is occupied by Catherine Elizabeth’s couple “Kate” Middleton and Prince William. The engagement ring is the same as her mother’s fiancé ring, Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. The engagement ring is stitched in a blue Sapphire stone with 14 small diamond stones.

The price of the ring is estimated at 137,200 thousand US dollars. With these prices, the engagement ring of Prince William and Kate Middleton including the price is not expensive for the kingdom. However, the ring became the most famous ring ever.