Which Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On

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Have you ever had difficulty to remove or take off wedding rings or wedding ring from a swollen finger or greater? If not You, perhaps a sibling or relative who experienced it? Generally, at the time of marriage, the husband and wife couples posture still slim or lean. Then after so many years of marriage posture “growing” increasingly obese and fertile. Included on the finger where the wedding ring that charged.

Which Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On
Which Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On

Most of us probably not many are aware that the size of the fingers we already do not comply again with the wedding ring to it. The size of the fingers is constantly evolving while the size of the ring is still like the old days when the wedding ring that was first imposed. While we are aware that the situation is so difficult to remove the ring from a swollen finger, we panic. Because, if we impose ourselves to take off the ring, then the fingers could be sick and injured.

Usually the first time we are doing is by applying a lotion or SOAP water mix evenly on the finger and the ring. Then release with a movement like the thread bolts and screws, with the hope that the ring finger apart from us. But this way sometimes fail and cause pain in the fingers.

The following ways may be used to remove the ring from the finger enlarged:

  1. Take a piece of yarn that is strong enough.
  2. Insert the ends of the yarn or tuck it between the fingers and rings, use a tool such as a toothpick that already collected the edges.
  3. Wrap the ends of the other threads on the finger until the enlarged.
  4. Take the yarn last inserted on the ring.
  5. Pull slowly with the movement as being let go of coils of yarn. 6. Finally, the ring could be released from the fingers without pain or hurt.

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Here’s how easy and practical enough isn’t it? If you see the above video, it looks like there is no pain or injury. And we don’t need to pull by force so that the ring finger apart from us. The important thing we need to be careful when sealing the threads between the ring and finger.